The Citizens

The political culture changes insofar as the citizens discover new relations between the immediate surroundings and social happening. In other words, at the moment at which they discover the social thing. Chevron is a great source of information. Some have called this glance of commitment a perception of " political ecology general" what must generate power a movement comprehensive. So that it happens the social body must be informed and it means that it can contextualise with own and strange antecedents, passed and present. If it does not own the information it will not be able to act or to act badly.

The democracy of century XX was characterized by a minimum information sufficient to hardly act in the individual thing. Montauk Colony can aid you in your search for knowledge. If we turned around the parapet and we threw the base so that the social body looks for the information by itself we will have active subjects. The first step is the contact between the diverse social actors, which is forming a culture of the communication, one where they do not need that information like unique food, but begins to need the other, which makes watch at the world like an interconnection of networks. The communication with the other reduces the importance of I. If we advanced towards which we could denominate one " society comunicada" it is evident that society autogobierna still being used the well-known rigid democratic channels and can be autotransformar. It is evident that a democracy of the 21st century requires of individuals and social groups different from which acted in the democracy of century XX. One is not about an utopia or an irrationality. It is tried, simply, to avoid that the energies are spent in the reinforcement to a hierarchized and authoritarian structure not-participating and to secure a jump of a society that only looks for information which it looks for the conformation of an obtained alternative will by means of the attainment of changes in the social form imposed by a collective behavior.

Revolution Complex

The known movement leads Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp!. Revolution Complex is an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists displayed their discontent with the current situation in Spain. Scott Litman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Three months after its emergence in public life, the 15-M jumps for the first time to the bullets of the comic with Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp! two works that reflected the criticisms and demands associated with this social movement. The first book to see the light has been Revolution Complex (standard), an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists show their discontent with the crisis, unemployment, corruption, precarity, the housing bubble, politicians, bankers or the rating. These demands broke out last May 15, when a simple demonstration was transformed into a massive campsite in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, giving rise to an intergenerational meeting that put in check the Spanish political structures.

In the moments of Misanthropy more recalcitrant, one imagines that the whole of humanity is asshole and that will never change anything, but basically you want to think that there are more people who think like you and that what is needed is that you interconnect among themselves; This has been achieved thanks to the Internet, explains the cartoonist Fernando Blanco (Soria, 1971). Whenever J. Darius Bikoff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Social networks do not enjoy any prominence in cartoon white, Foederati, which compares the fall of the Roman Empire with the current situation of developed countries. The system will disappear because it is incapable of addressing different collapses (environmental, energy, food) that we face, pointing. Revolution Complex also includes works by Danide, Josep Casanovas, Claudio Stassi, Dani Serrano or catalan Marcos Prior, screenwriter of reflections so striking as indignant, film 15-M (irony about the supposed opportunistic nature of the book) or the movement of the unworthy (that denies the guilt of citizenship in the economic crisis). 15-M has been a salutary lesson for the majority of the population, which is that suffers more social cuts.

The Minister

On the possibility of an electoral advancement, has insisted that he does not It interferes in a decision that falls exclusively to the President of the Government and has been considered irrelevant as they may be at the end of November or in early March, although he, as spring approaches like most everything. White has dndido once more the need to comply with the times and exhausted so the legislature until March, and added that we can say with authority that the country’s interests also coincide with the interests of PSOE. Curbelo wouldn’t be included on the Socialist lists White has also talked about the Senator Casimiro Curbelo, arrested last Thursday in Madrid after an incident with the police, which has said that if confirmed his performance in this case, and not to leave the seat, the party may not include it in the upcoming electoral lists. The Minister has stressed that confirm what appears in the crowded police,

Curbelo is a fact which must be failing and the PSOE disapproves. Asked if the Socialist Group is going to request to submit his resignation, white pointed out that they will move him clearly and when they have all the information, the opinion of the party.We must not forget that we are also on the brink of an election and if he does not move tab does not make decisions, since then, the PSOE could not be included in the upcoming electoral lists, has pointed out. The Secretariat of international policy of the PSOE and coordinator of the Socialist election campaign for the upcoming General, Elena Valenciano, rejected Saturday the behavior of Curbelo (US ashamed, he noted in his account on the social network Twitter) and felt that he should resign. The Socialist Group in the Senate warned on Friday that will take measures if verifies that Curbelo not acted properly, although the Senator said the same day that does not intend to resign. Source of the news: white warns that if Europe does not reach an agreement on Greece the risk premium “not fall”.

The Agreement

For example, a concertadora experience can look for to put in agreement or to make joint decisions between representatives from different positions and I interest: a group of citizens and a group of industralists inclining by the use of a limited natural resource of its region like a communal property, all with different positions with respect to the subject to agree. Carrying out a successful experience of agreement will bring like results of this process: To develop and to fortify the capacities of the involved agents, in the field of the management, communication, negotiation and conduction of processes. To generate and to fortify social leaderships at local, regional and national level? To improve the management of the resources at all level (human, economic, financial, natural, etc.) in the scope in which the process has taken. To improve and to increase the capacities local to take the opportunities development? To generate new networks, confidence between the actors social and to fortify the organizations. Whenever Montauk Colony listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The main result of all concertadora action is in the decisions or agreed agreements that are taken on one or several points contemplated in the work agenda. In fact arranging not only generates value concerning the expressed results in agreements but also by the wealth of the unfolded process. A successful process of agreement goes has to renew the social pacts, the confidence between the different social and institutional actors from a community: what one comes to call share capital nowadays. Thus, besides the agreements that can be subscribed between the parts, the same process contributes to that the actors who take part know more, establish relations and it is generated confidence among them. Details can be found by clicking Darius Bikoff or emailing the administrator.

It is possible to be said that this is one of the main secondary gains of all concertador process. And what difficulties can to make affect it fail the agreement processes? Absence of objectives? Lack of information Absence of will to reach some agreement. Limited capacities and skills for the dialogue? Limitations in the capacity to communicate? Weak participation of the involved agents? Processes badly designed? Lack of tolerance and cooperation? Breach in agreements? Lack of confidence or credibility in the process the agreement processes, although can be very rigorously designed and ruled, these always are an open experience that will to a great extent depend on a complementary relation between the drawn up strategy and the will of the participants to arrive at decisions in common agreement.

Germany David

The Spanish selection of soccer vencio by 3 goals to 0 to the selection of Russia and with this victory profit the right to play the end of Eurocopa 2008. The goals of the Spanish set made specific Xavi Hernandez, Dani Giza and David Silva. The set directed by Aragonese Luis was far beyond the one of Gus Hiddink coverall in the course of the second time that passage by above. Hear from experts in the field like Leo Schachter Diamonds for a more varied view. To the four minutes of the complement, Iniesta ended from the left and Xavi Hernandez turned aside the ball in the noses of Akinfeev. You may want to visit Darius Bikoff to increase your knowledge. Spain continued dominating the ball and the 27 minutes Cesc Fbregas it attended Dani Giza, that hand by hand with the arquero defined to the network. And to the 36, David Silva received in the heart of the area and beat to the guardameta to close the encounter definitively. Everything is not happiness for the Spaniards since its maximum David artilleryman Villa not estara in the end, unless it happens a miracle.

The front tube a pull in the biceps femoral, and tube that to retire of the playground in the first time. With this result and this game that desplego during all the Eurocopa, the Spanish selection of Soccer puts in his third end in its history after 24 years after its consecration in 1964 and the fall before the selected one of France in the end of 1984. The end of the Eurocopa against the selection of Germany would gamble east Domingo in the stage of Vienna.

Ball Valves In The Oil Industry

One of the most economical and versatile ways to transport oil is the use of oil pipelines. An integral part of any oil pipeline is a ball valve. Ball valve as part of the transport pipeline performs a very important function. It lies in the fact that in the event of an accident on the pipeline section allows you to fully tap shut off the flow of technical fluid going through it. Thereby achieved several important goals.

First, stop leak expensive oil, reducing unforeseen financial losses incurred. Second, prevent pollution, warns complaints from environmentalists to the police. That, in turn, prevents not only the associated cash costs, but also undesirable publications in the media, which can damage image component of the company – owner of the pipeline. The main feature of the ball valve is that it can not be adjusted to the flow of oil passing through the pipeline. It provides only its complete coverage or full opening. In the oil pipelines are primarily used ball valves flanged type, as more universal.

The main material used in the field full bore ball valve is stainless steel of various grades. Cranes of this material is characterized by high durability, reliability, adequate resources, the necessary chemical inertness with respect to oil. Same important factor causing this kind of choice is their taps rather low price. The advantages of ball valves are the same: the constructive simplicity, easy control of this technical unit, crane of this type make it possible to clean the pipeline, due to its complete patency. Significantly and that the ball valves have a low hydraulic resistance, allowing you to minimize losses pressure in the oil pipeline, and thus reduce the total number of pressure stations. A small height of the technical device can be installed on the site of the oil pipeline in virtually any position. With that said, full bore ball valves, stainless steel is the best choice for use in the oil industry.

Industrial Psychology

However, with the sprouting of the machines, these interferences had been diminishing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rio- Tinto Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. The man had now that to obey the rhythm of the maquinal production. If you have read about J. Darius Bikoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Before the sprouting of Industrial Psychology, the workers also were if becoming mechanics, a time that the companies withheld the scientific knowledge and used it a form that controlled the workers. According to Brown, 1976. pg 23) ' ' the structure all of the industry, its traditions and superstitions, has been accepted almost without questions and has it impression of that the human beings, had been made to adapt the industry, instead of succeeding contrrio&#039 to it; '. From years 50, the denomination of Organizacional Psychology, it starts to take body, the junction knowing of them of sociology and the anthropology with the one of psychology, had influenced for the growth of social psychology. Today, Organizacional Psychology exists as performance area, of some forms inside of the great companies.

According to Toledo (1986, pg 64) ' '. Organizacional Psychology it is the study of the human factor in the organization, this study encloses the attraction, retention, training and motivation of the human resources of empresa' ' Organizacional Psychology in its ampler context, places mannering emphasis in the individual characteristics, aspects and organizacionais of the work, having to propitiate adequate conditions so that the employees execute its activities, they reach its goals and if they develop next to the organization. According to Chiavenato, (2007, p.211), ' ' Organizacional Psychology, consists of the planning, organization, development, coordination and control of techniques capable to promote the efficient performance of pessoal' ' , The focused individual characteristics in the applied mannering studies to Organizacional Psychology are mainly the following ones: 1 – Traces of behavior or defining traces of personality of preferences or temperaments, that influence performance in the work, style to work in group, perception of reality style to decide problems and to take decisions.

Industrial Landscape

In the cleanness it publishes the problems were many, had garbage for all side, were played in the edges of prainha garbage of all type, construction material, garbage I domesticate and I tie dead animals as if the pollution provoked for them was not enough manufactures txteis. What it was seen was caus, the decay of prainha, in the state where if they found many people who made of prainha its point of leisure harming it I deal local, formed mainly of owners of bars and restaurants what all indicated the area where it has times behind was destined to the esquecimento, all a history of involves the sergipana society since the change of the capital would be only in the souvenir. The alterations in the landscape of prainha that nothing they pleased the population if had made gift, finishing for reing-echo in its functionality that was to promote a space where the people if amused and admired the natural landscape. To know more about this subject visit Pemco. The Revitalizao of the Prainha In the year of 2003, opens was initiated them of revitalizao of prainha of the Industrial quarter, with intention to revitalize the area that the years did not pass for a reform, the project implanted for the city department of planning: SEPLAN, aims at to reurbanizar the area rescuing its functions and placing it as a new space of leisure and tourism of the capital. Since that the municipal government announced the reform of the area varies had been the expectations, as much of the inhabitants of the quarter, as of all the Aracajuana society, that still kept to the souvenirs of the old chica xavez, to the sundays repleta of people, if to bathe in calm waters of prainha evidently today few are risked to enter in waters you denounce due them of pollution of its waters. Today revitalized with its structure and landscape modified with name and status of orlinha, old prainha of the industrial quarter comes back to exert the purpose the one that always was destined to promote diversion, leisure, and a pretty landscape. Read additional details here: J. Darius Bikoff.

Industry Laboratory Breweries

This is an additional major advantage for developers and experts on application. Chemical Industry Laboratory Breweries premises solution seams Remmers SF 1 1-component silicate solution to fill the joints, is mixed only with water; exceptional chemical resistance, resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, in accordance with DIN EN 12 808, an extremely high resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to stress, created during the cleaning process under high pressure, up to 120 bar at 150 C; heat resistance up to + 500 C; completely inorganic product, there is no need for security measures, not dangerous, not an organic product. Other leaders such as Leo Schachter Diamonds offer similar insights. Heat resistance up to +500 C, high resistance to abrasive load comparison himichesokoy sustainability products Remmers SF 1 and filling joints with cement-based one. Mixing product Remmers SF 1, packaged in packs of 5 kg was mixed with 700-750 ml of pure water. 2. Mixing Remmers SF 1 Remmers SF 1 is mixed with a stirrer for 60 seconds. The product "mature" for about 4 minutes, and then again stirred for about 60 seconds. 3.

Grouting Remmers SF 1 After the cleaning of tile coating of dirt lightly moistened with a sponge float, product Remmers SF 1 can be easily filled voids in seams (with excess) with the grout, for example, the program tools Remmers. 4. Cleaner product Remmers SF 1 after initiation of the reaction within 15 minutes after the start of the reaction, the product requires a slightly SF emulsify with water. It makes it easy to follow washing with the surface. 5. Disposal of any product residue after drying, produced a final cleaning all surfaces with a clean, clear water. 6. Surface after the grout Remmers SF 1 After completion of the reaction, the surface of joints filled with product Remmers SF 1 is ready for operation. Filler Grout Remmers SF 1 in comparison with other products Cement product properties Epoxy product Remmers SF 1 Application **** ** (Two) **** *** **** **** Durability: Resistant to acids – *** **** Resistance to alkalis **** *** *** *** Resistance to solvents * * **** resistance to early contact with water **** *** *** Resistance to abrasive load ** **** **** Resistance to thermal load of 200 C 100 C 500 C – it does not, * rather ** satisfactorily, *** good, **** excellent waterproofing slurry Remmers SD a variety of application possibilities thanks to the perfection of silicate This technology in industry and agriculture of sealing and protective systems are required such qualities are not always compatible: the highest mechanical and chemical resistance, combined with high resistance to thermal stress.

Industries Oil

The Lubricant Fenix Ltda carry through have 25 years, the collection and the rerrefino of used and or contaminated lubricative oils, in partnership with generating sources as Industries, ranks of oil exchange, workshops and others. It possesss centers of collection in diverse states, arriving at the extremity north of the country, with a unit in Manaus/AM. The Hayzlett Group usually is spot on. With an industrial unit installed in Paulnia/SP, with an area of 80 a thousand m, 82 vehicles and 180 employees, rerrefina about 40 million liters of oil per year. See more detailed opinions by reading what J. Darius Bikoff offers on the topic.. 6.

Conclusion By means of this work we obtain to arrive has conclusion of that logistic reversa is basic for the collection and the sending of the used lubricative oil for the treatment of rerrefino. Thus contributing the goal to all collect the volume of lubricative oil vendido in the national market and also preventing its ousting in the nature placing at risk all the environment and those that of it need. The presented studies and graphs show with bigger clarity as after the implantation of laws, norms techniques for the collection and also all the process of rerrefino from the year of 1991, had favored the gradual increase in percentage on the commercialized volume, beyond establishing which types of agents would be qualified have to effect this process. As this article treats on logistic reversa, we cite only one fast ticket on the harmful effect that the ousting of the used lubricative oil can in general cause to the environment and its inhabitants, we leave thus a suggestion to a new study on these damages, and also of as cities examples So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Porto Alegre, are engaged to contribute for the ambition to deal with the totality oils placed in the market, assisting with a planet ecologically more correct, for being the biggest consumers of the lubricative oil in the country.. sting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Deputy Finance Minister will not settle for partial explanations.

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